How much prize money do you get for winning Wimbledon?

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by Qcrew 7 years ago

In 1968, the prize money for the men's singles winner was £2000, while for women's singles winner received £750 pounds, less than half of the men's singles prize money.

From 2007, the prize money for men's singles and women's singles became the same. £700,000 pounds for both sides.

Each year the prize increases. This year 2011 the prize money for the winner of the mens and women's singles finals is £1,100,000 (£1.1 million). The prize money for 2012 singles winners went up to £1,150,000 (£1.15 million) each and £575,000 for runner up.

For more information including prize money for doubles, you can go to Wimbledon's official site.

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