Do all Spanish people take a "siesta" or is it just a myth?

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by Toni 6 years ago

The idea that all Spanish people have a nap after lunch in the afternoon is well rooted in the stereotype of many Europeans and non-Europeans. However, as it happens with most stereotypes, its fair share of truth is just the surface of a much more complex social and geographical reality. Sadly, the stereotype of siesta reinforces another more damaging stereotype that northern Europeans have of southern Europeans: laziness.

Whilst many Spanish have "siestas" after lunch, its existence depends on the geography of Spain and in rural-urban lifestyles. spanish people living in smaller and more relaxed towns or cities are more prone to have "siestas" after lunch, especially if they live in a hotter part of Spain. It is certainly more difficult to find this practice in bigger cities where people do not have time to have a nap after lunch.

Also, "siesta" makes a lot of sense in hotter regions in Spain because extremely high temperatures in the afternoon mak any kind of physical activity not only more tiring but dangerous.

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