Where is Skyfall filmed?

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by Lucy 6 years ago

A number of locations were planned for the new James Bond film, including South Africa, India and Japan. However, there were various difficulties involving cost and permissions, and in the end most of the film was shot in England and Scotland, with Pinewood Studios seeing most of the action. Some scenes were also shot at Royal Ascot.
After a number of changes, the locations finally used outside the UK were Turkey and China. Tthe most important Chinese location was in Shanghai, although ironically some scenes that are supposedly set in Shanghai were actually shot in England. In Turkey a number of famous locations were used, especially in Istanbul. In Scotland the castle of Glencoe was used, other difficulties with other locations.
It's not sure at this point whether some locations in Japan were also used - in April it was reported that there would be some filming in Nagasaki, but this has not been confirmed.

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