What is the world's most dangerous tree?

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by Qcrew 7 years ago

The most dangerous tree in the world is the Manchineel (Scientific Name "Hippomane Mancinella"). The tree can be found in the Florida Everglades and the Caribbean Coast.

The trunk of the tree exudes a sap that is extremely poisonous and corrosive and the slightest contact with bare human skin is enough to cause blistering. If the sap makes contact with a persons eyes it can cause blindness.

Sheltering under the tree during heavy rain is not advisable as the rain can contain sap from the tree, this is enough to cause skin to blister upon contact.

The tree bears a small green apple like fruit which is extremely toxic, if ingested the fruit will cause blistering, severe pain and potential death.

Burning the tree also has its risks as the resulting smoke can cause blindness if it enters the eye.

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