Why does Julian Assange have white hair?

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by Paul farthing 5 years ago

Julian Assange is my 4th cousin, many of our (the Farthing) family get white hair at an unusually young age. We often recognise relatives by their distinct white hair.

I'm betting it's genetic but that story is too boring.

This may sound far fetched, but I'm quite serious.

by Toni 6 years ago

Wikileak's founder Julian Assange has not always had white hair as he has now. He has appeared in public with many different hairstyles but the colour has always been stark white. Why?

Until he was 15 he was blonde but his hair became white after a failed experiment with a cathode ray tube that went wrong. This is all we know thanks to a book published the Mail on Sunday, The Revolution will be Digitised, based on interviews made by journalist Heather Brooke.

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