How many kids does Nigella Lawson have?

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by Lucy 5 years ago

Nigella Lawson has two children, both from her first marriage to journalist John Diamond. They are Cosima, born 1994, and Bruno, born 1996, so now they are about 18 and 16. John Diamond died in 2001 of throat cancer when they had been married for 9 years.
By that time Nigella Lawson was already becoming well known as a cookery writer and TV personality; the book that is most often associated with her name, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, had already been published. After her husband died she made several more TV programmes and wrote more books; the children often appeared in the programmes too.
In 2003 she married Charles Saatchi, the advertising multimillionaire who is often credited with helping Margaret Thatcher to win the 1979 election. There have been no children from this marriage; recently there have been reports and images of violence on Saatchi's part and there are rumours of a possible separation.

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