What are the most frequently drawn lottery numbers?

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by Lucy 6 years ago

In the UK, the number that gets drawn most frequently in the national lottery is 38, which has come up 236 times. After that, the most common numbers are 44, 23, 43, 40, and 31 in that order, with 31 having come up 228 times. This is just the regular numbers and doesn't include the bonus ball.

Oddly enough (considering 38 is the most picked number) the least picked of all is 37 - though that has come up 191 times, so you see there isn't a huge difference from highest to lowest really. If you click here you can find this information and a lot more, such as which groups of numbers come up most frequently.

People often use this information to try and help them decide which numbers to choose when they play the lottery, but of course the fact that a number has come up a lot - or not - is no indication of whether it's likely to come up again at any given time. In the UK your chances of winning the jackpot, with all 6 numbers coming up, are about 1 in 14 million, though of course there are lots of smaller prizes as well, with much shorter odds.

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