Who is Usain Bolt dating?

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by Lucy 6 years ago

Until May 2012 Usain Bolt was dating a Slovakian fashion designer called Lubika Slovak. They had been together for 6 months and often appeared together in public. In fact some of Bolt's Jamaican fans were annoyed that he hadn't chosen a girlfriend closer to home.

However, since the middle of May it has been reported by several sources that Bolt is no longer seeing Slovak, since he has decided to concentrate on the upcoming Olympics. Whether the couple have any plans for after the Olympics hasn't been reported yet.

In the past Usain Bolt has sometimes been accused of not taking his sport seriously enough. Despite a long list of victories including 3 gold medals, he sometimes has given the impression that he could do even more. With this new move, maybe he is going to prove his critics wrong - but we haven't heard what his girlfriend thinks about it!

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