What is Jennifer Aniston's ethnic background?

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by Lucy 6 years ago

Jennifer Aniston is of European ancestry with a varied ethnic background. Her father is Greek, or more exactly Cretan (from the island of Crete) and in fact Jennifer lived in Crete for a short time as a small child. However, her father, actor John Aniston, has lived most of his life in the USA. Her mother was born in the US, in New York, but her mother's own ancestry includes Italian, Irish and Scottish grandparents as well as some Greek, which would make Jennifer Aniston more than half Greek.

She is also the goddaughter of Telly Savalas, another well known Greek actor and a friend of her father, though no relation. Her mother also has a film background as she previously worked for Universal Studios and did some acting in her early career.

Jennifer Aniston's parents divorced in 1978. She grew up mainly with her mother in New York, spending some time with her father in New Jersey.

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